Benefits Of Partial Dentures

Losing teeth doesn’t have to impact your appearance anymore – no matter what your age is. The one simple solution to this problem is partial dentures. Flexible partial dentures grandville are made to replace a few missing teeth due to extraction or falling.

There are various types of partial dentures that are available. The most popular one lately is flexible partial dentures. The professionals suggest the following benefits of flexible partial dentures.

Easy insertion

Flexible partial dentures are made out of thermoplastic materials which gives it flexibility. This helps in the easy insertion and removal of the dentures when compared to other types of partial dentures.


Unlike other types of dentures that protrude outside or often are evident from the natural teeth, this type of partial dentures indeed camouflages with the surrounding teeth and, in some cases, give a better shape to the mouth.


This type of partial dentures is available in various colors. The dentists often use the color that matches with the mouth color of the patient. This makes the denture almost invisible and gives comfort to the patients. They seldom have to worry about their appearance or a change in the same because of these partial dentures.

Modification of surrounding teeth

Flexible partial dentures grandville

The flexibility of these partial dentures accommodates them in the existing space, and hence these flexible partial dentures would not require any modification of the surrounding teeth. One of the main reasons for the same is that these dentures do not use metal clasps like the other varieties, which makes it more accommodating.


Hygiene is one of the most important factors when it comes to any kind of dentures. With these flexible ones, maintaining oral hygiene becomes easier since the removal and insertion are easier, making it easier to remove and clean these dentures two times a day. This, indeed, also helps the patient to maintain the surrounding teeth also in good condition.


Determining the type of denture highly depends upon factors such as the position or the place in which the denture has to be fitted to fill the gap, the strength of the gums of the patient, the shape of the teeth line, whether they are temporary or permanent and various other factors.